Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vex Robotics

Vex Robotics is a cost-efficient way for any school to experience the excitement of a large robotics competition. Each competition requires teams to use prefabricated “Vex Official” parts, which levels the field for schools with all budgets. Each competition allows an unlimited number of teams; with a pre-made format, making each competition the same and understandable to new-comers. Above all, Vex is easy to learn, but doesn’t have any limitations. It will challenge an experienced student, and allows less experienced students to develop essential problem solving skills. Vex offers a variety of different parts, they especially allow a lot of freedom with equipment like sensors; ranging from digital push sensors, to analog accelerometers. The metals provided are steel and aluminum allowing for many types of design styles, combining strength and flexibility. The programming can be both block based, and written in C-Script, and gives multiple tutorials on how they can be written. Teams can be formed through Robot Events and all competition rules are posted on the Vex Robotics website.

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