Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Google Chrome OS

Haven’t heard of it yet? Well, you will. Google Chrome OS (Google’s using Chromium as a working title) will soon become a well known operating system. Google released the opened-source beta over a year ago, with the genius idea of letting the online community develop it. Not only does this idea provide free cheap labor (not like Google needs it), it also allows them to get ideas from thousands of brilliant computer programmers. But what is Chrome OS, and why is it so great? Simply put, it’s our first step into the cloud.

Chrome OS is only a web browser, with all of the functionality of a high powered PC. With a crazy fast 4 second boot up time, it allows any person to log in to their Google account, and have access to all of their files; anywhere. This may not seem too appealing now, with desktops already able to do that-but it will be a powerful addition to netbooks. And with wifi available almost anywhere, the cloud is starting to look a lot closer.

Check Out the Chromium Blog!

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