Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mech-Warfare: My New Hobby

The RoboGames (formerly known as the Robo-Olympics) is held once a year in California. The nerd metropolis holds over 50 events, each with a special robotic niche. From climbing stairs, to kung-fu, the RoboGames has it all. But by far, the best competition at the RoboGames is Mech-Warfare. Ever watch one of those crazy cartoons as a kid, where a human would sit in a massive robot, and fight other robots around a city? Ever wish you could be that guy controlling the giant robot that’s destroying the city? Now you can. Mech-Warfare is a competition where the robot's controller can only view the competition field on a camera that is mounted on his robot. The robots fight in a miniature sized city, shooting airsoft based weaponry at each other; and in the upper classes, even miniature missiles. Now before you go buy your ticket to California (which I should be doing ASAP), you should know that the robots are limited to a few inches high, and the fighting isn’t quite as fast-paced as anticipated (yet). But regardless, I would recommend checking it out; definitely has potential for a future hobby...or profession.

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