Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Petman - A Less-Creepy BigDog

Have you ever stumbled upon this scary looking guy while surfing on Youtube? With over 4 million views, just from Boston Dynamics (the robotics company who made it), and many more from other users, BigDog has gone viral. But since then what has Boston Dynamics been up to? Well “BigDog got a Big Brother”, and luckily this time its legs don’t scare me (as much). Petman is a walking biped robot, with the stability of BigDog. It’s currently being constructed for the US Army; so what sweet thing could they be using this technology for? Maybe some cool autonomous drones or an awesome video-game looking fighter suit!? Nope - Petman is currently being used to test chemical agents. By wearing Army issued clothing, and moving realistically, it can test the clothing under all conditions. It’s not as amazing as I thought, but it defiantly has a purpose. At least its massive funding and technology is used to save our troops. Although, I still think they should attach some type of weapon to the thing and see what it can do.

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