Thursday, November 4, 2010

Prezi - A Better, Free Powerpoint

Now I know this isn’t something as cool as holograms, or as scary as two legged walking robots; but I recently discovered an online program that is amazing enough to make me actually want to do school projects. That's right, actually WANT to do them. So you must be thinking “what is this new amazing cloud-based program?” Prezi that’s what.

Prezi is an online program that makes presentations like no other. It allows you to make presentations on one canvas. Imagine having all of your PowerPoint slides, on one big page. Instead of progressing from slide to slide, you progress thought to thought, with an easy going transition of the camera. The camera slides across the canvas, going to each point on the path that you marked. The camera can zoom into small font hidden inside words, and flip around; keeping the viewers attention. Now, I’ve only been using this program for a few days, and I’m confident I could write for hours about their features; like the ability to upload and view pdfs, videos and images, or even the ability to export it to an .exe so that any computer can view it offline. But I think the video posted below will speak for me.

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