Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chrome OS: Free Netbook, Please!?

Everybody and their mother (seriously, even my mom) has applied for Google’s new Chrome OS beta testing, or as they call it ‘Pilot Testing.’ This new revolutionary netbook is simple; nothing but a web browser, and lacks end-product  functionality, like USB Support, and printing (which you can expect in later updates). It sports an Intel Processor (said to be ~1.6GHz), 2GB of RAM, and also comes with fully built in webcam support, Bluetooth, and a free 100mb of data a month courtesy of Verizon. Not a bad gig for free, eh? And for you fellow nerds out there who are planning to ‘jailbreak’ it, no worries; It comes with a built in mode to allow you to edit the source code (probably because Google is looking for easy solutions to the initial issues).

It is said that Google has around 60,000 to send out to people. Yes, that is 4 zero’s. And best of all, the application takes a total of 20 minutes; no jumping through flaming hoops, or giving Nigerian bankers your bank account info. Not only that but it’s rumored that you get to keep the netbook after the trial, which should be an incentive to almost anybody.

Now, I know that by informing people of this will lower my chance of winning, but I want to see Google succeed with the best users more than I want the netbook...Well, that’s half true, but I could use a little competition seeing as I’m Google’s biggest fan. So, want to see what Chrome OS is all about? Check out the video below for a demo of what you can expect. And if you’re already sold, click HERE for the application.

Update: Yeah! My friend (Not me :(  ) , so feel free to check out his blog on his Chrome experience. Appropriately named 'The Chrome Chronicles.'

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