Monday, January 10, 2011

CES 2011 - Predictably Awesome

Yeah, I know. I missed CES 2011, and all of the fascinating things that it had to offer. But sadly a trip to Las Vegas isn’t in the budget for a college student. But, I did manage to follow it through a slew of other websites, and I think i got can sum up what I missed pretty easily. Tablets, smaller hardware, and 3D. (cmon’ guys, please be a little less predictable next year).

Last year was a big year in the tablet world, with Apple’s iPad making a big debut. Now everything I read online is about apps, and tablets. But the good thing is that the tablet world is no longer tyrannized by Apple. Microsoft and Google finally took their steps and now seems as though they have a fighting chance to take down the iPad. Toshiba’s new tablet running Android Honeycomb (gotta’ love the new operating system names), was shown at CES this year, and with functionality such as USB ports, SD card slots, HDMI out. How could you not want one? Oh yeah, this may be obvious, but it sports full flash capability; take that Apple. (No seriously Apple, I have an iPad and would love some flash without jailbreaking it)

Every year technology gets smaller, and my heart fonder. This year on display was an LED projector, about the size of a bluetooth headset. It has standard VGA resolution, and is claimed to project up to 40” images at high resolution (not too sure if I can believe that yet). It was also said that it will be making its way into consumer’s phones at some point this year. Pretty sweet, now my smartphone is a phone, a computer, and a TV all in one. Next let’s make it make me food and I’ll be in love.

Movies, video games, computer screens, and even cell phones are trying to give you the 3D experience (Which is a problem because I get a headache from 3D). And apparently it was unavoidable at CES. With products such as the 3DS coming to market soon, it was unavoidable for it to be a hit. The 3DS offers 3D portable video gaming, without glasses. Expect it to hit the shelves soon this year, and check back here when the time comes for my reviews on it!

CES 2011

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