Saturday, January 8, 2011

Onlive Gaming Review - Better Than Expected

Okay, so soon after writing my recent blog post about the OnLive game system, I couldn’t help but caving in and dropping the money. At the sale price of 66 bucks, it was either buy a whole game system with access to hundreds (well, maybe like 40 at the moment) of games, or buy a single game that I will get bored of in a week. Not too hard of a choice. What really amazed me was, as soon as I ordered the system, I instantly had access to the whole game library on my computer. Instantly, with no additional fee. Pretty Snazzy eh?

The whole computer gaming thing has never really been my style, probably because I have a pretty sad computer with almost no graphic card (its integrated). So playing high end games such as Assassins Creed on my computer made me skeptical. But as soon as I downloaded the OnLive client, I was playing Assassins Creed with minimal lag (I’ll say there was lag simply because I kept dying). Instantly, no download and no wait. But the issue remained: I’m not a computer gamer. A mouse and keyboard either confuses me, or causes me to hit the wrong buttons at the worst times. So I had a theory....What if i plug my wired XBox controller into my computer...And yes they still make wired controllers. It worked like a charm, and immediately everything came together. I now have high end games on my computer, and soon on my TV (whenever the box gets here).

Overall I am pretty impressed with the OnLive game system. There is minimal to unnoticeable lag, no high end processing, unlimited game demos, game renting, and all at the price of a new game. I’ll give it 4.5 / 5 gears just because my college Internet is too slow to let me play a game...which you'd figure wouldn't be an issue with the tuition price.

Check out my post below for more info on it! Or click HERE

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