Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sony Rolly - Rolling Into Our Hearts

If you think Roombas have infiltrated consumers homes, as nothing more than a ‘cool-to-have,’ then you just wait until you see the Sony Rolly. It should be rolling into your neighbors home (Yes, pun intended) in no time. The Sony Rolly is a portable robot, that plays music and even entertains guests. It does this through its awesome dancing skills, and its high quality sound. Yup...A Boom-box that dances, changes colors, and wins over my heart. Too bad you didn’t think of it first.

What makes the little Rolly so amazing is the amount of technology packed into something that can fit in your palm. It has high quality speakers, multiple actuators which allow it to move, and flap its ‘wings’ in synchronization with the music, Bluetooth audio streaming, and my favorite feature: sharing dances with your friends. (I don’t have one, but I presume if my friends and I did, we would have choreographed dances to the Star Wars Imperial March or something).

These adorable robots, have a rather limited market; music lovers. But not just all music lovers, music lovers with money (an even SMALLER market). Sony has sold these for a little over $200, and they cost up to $300 on eBay. Yet somehow since I started to look them up, Sony has been sold out...


  1. I wanna see this thing move to some of the techno I have XD.

  2. Kinda cool, but it isn't something that would want me to spend that kinda money on.

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