Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Best Buy Sale - My Favorite Store Gets Awesome'er

Yup, here comes another Superbowl commercial blog post. But at least this time it’s technology related, I promise (although the adorable Star Wars kid still rocks). Another popular commercial featuring Justin Bieber and Ozzy (as seen below) shows BestBuy’s ‘buyback’ policy, which for a limited time is free to all customers (meaning it normally costs something). The buyback program allows you to sell back your tech gear for a discounted amount; meaning we get the newer gear cheaper.

Seems like a pretty good deal if your already in the market for a new cellphone, laptop, TV, or even a tablet (good time to jump on the bandwagon). The disadvantage of the offer is that the offer only works for up to 2 years after you buy the device. Which is great for people like me, who want to keep up to date; but may not be such a plan for your parents. Either way, you can bet your buck that Best Buy is going to make huge money off of this, because in 2 years and 1 day from now, I guarantee you most people would have forgotten about the offer. But I guess with the offer currently being free; it’ll be worth the time now upgrading that old dumb-phone, or get yourself a tablet (iPad’s are excluded in the deal. It’s sad, I know).

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