Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Vex Programming Guide - Still In Noob Version

Are you a novice or beginner programmer? Or are you even a pro? Either way, I have the PDF for you! I have been writing this for some time now (about half a day), and it is about 40% done so far - It’s a C programming guide! It focuses in teaching beginner programmers (preferably high school), how to program their Vex Robot efficiently, as well as understanding what is actually going on. We all know how to work computers, but knowing how they work and why they work that way opens countless doors (yeah, it just got deep).

This PDF isn’t very clear considering I’m the one who wrote it, and it’s not very in-depth (yet) because I JUST started it; but I’m hoping the more people who read it and utilize it, the better feedback I’ll get. Meaning the more accurate and efficient guide for the aspiring Roboticians. If you have any interest on helping with this project you can check it out HERE (or below). If you have any questions comments or concerns, tweet me or shoot me an E-Mail. Both which can be found on your favorite technology blog.

/** Reminder: This PDF focuses on programming Vex robots, so some information may be not completely accurate with the C language, and much information I purposely left out. **/

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