Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Google+1 - Combining Friends With Your Searches

Google released their newest social-network feature recently, calling it ‘Google +1’. And although 50% of my posts have to do with Google (yeah I am somewhat obsessive), I think this is one of their neatest ideas yet. G+1 is built into Googles new profile pages, and is a simple way to say “This is a website worth checking out, but not worth tweeting”. It is a little button next to a Google search result, that says +1 (duh). When you click the button it adds an update to the +1 page on your Google profile; so that all of your Google pals can see what you've been searching (Click HERE to see my recent +1s).

But what really is making this +1 feature look promising is its ability to weed out the useless search results. You know, searching ‘RoboTechEd’ and getting your favorite blog instead of some random TV show. Then, when you +1 it, Google will start to catch on that RoboTechEd is an amazing blog, and bump it higher on the search results list. Getting you the results that you are actually looking for!

To sign up for G+1 go HERE, it is still in development stages, but won’t affect your performance (so there’s no reason not to). Also, check the this video for more info, and make sure to +1 RoboTechEd on Google! And Tweet this post so your friends can, and their friends can too! (a guy can dream cant he?)

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