Saturday, April 9, 2011

Roboweek Day One - Robotic Teamwork

Roboweek is here! A robot’s equivalent to Hanukkah (or something along those lines). And that means I have the first robot for RoboTechEd’s roboweek celebration! These robots were made at the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control in Switzerland. They have been featured on tons of other technology blogs, and even on the news. Pretty sweet for two robots with one of the simplest concepts ever - playing catch. Yeah, you remember playing catch in the backyard with dad? Seemed like a thing that epitomized life, something that separated you from your computer...Until Now.

These two robots in the video below do exactly what you think but better, they fly. Pretty crazy right? While watching the video you see that they sometimes loose control of the ball, which is bound to happen when your already flying and trying to hit the ball up. But what I really think is cool about these two is that you often don’t see robotic teamwork. Multiple bots speaking to each-other to complete a task isn’t a new idea, but implementing it successfully is pretty rare. Overall I give these robots two thumbs up for their awesome teamwork and simple nature. Happy Roboweek guys, keep up the teamwork!

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