Monday, September 26, 2011

ChromeOS Getting Ready for Tablets?

Chrome released a new home page for all beta and dev users a few days ago and it seems like an oddly familiar interface. Maybe you would agree, take a look at the pic below.

Yeah, the old scroll interface is finally gone. It seems to be less computer savvy (although much more sleek) and also much more versatile. And although this is speculation, it could mean that ChromeOS is getting closer to a release on a tablet. Like Android(also Google owned) chrome OS is planned to be ported over to tablets at some point in the future. Although it seems to be far away, at least this update is a step into the right direction, and a step to a cleaner looking homepage! (Anyone else have so many apps that it just looked kind of messy when you scrolled down...If you want to add to that mess you should click HERE to get daily RoboTechEd updates!)

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