Monday, September 12, 2011

Samsung Series 5 - Making the iPad Retro

Most people believe that the Samsing Series 5 Chromebook is a tad overpriced ($500 for the 3G version). Because the software is completely free, I can understand why. But the specs of the Chromebook often seem to get overlooked; with a dual-core 1.6GHz Intel processor, an absolutely massive battery (8 hours actual and predicted), a 1MP HD webcam (which is surprisingly clear), and a beautifully bright and crisp screen, a Chromebook beats the netbook standards by a long shot. But what really makes a Chromebook worth its hefty pricetag is the reliability and convenience...And a free 100MB of data per month on the 3G version.

The Chromebook weighs just over 3 lbs and is very comfortable to carry. I see it as a replacement to a tablet, which for a business/college student, is a must. The SSD allows it to boot up in less than 8 seconds, every time, and the battery makes it so it needs to be rarely charged (preventing that “I have 3 minutes to get an outlet before I loose everything feeling). A Chromebook has all of the convenience factors of a tablet, while giving you the processing necessary for a heavy Internet user. Plus - It has a keyboard (ever try to actually type something more than a paragraph on a tablet!?).

I bought my Chromebook for school,  not to replace my main PC, but as an alternative to my tablet (which I realized I only really enjoyed using for gaming anyways). I hacked it to run Ubuntu just in case I need to run some necessary programs, like most tech majors are forced to. I highly recommend it as a replacement to a tablet, or even a laptop depending on what you use it for. And for the tech savy people out there who need their programs, files, and games? Just load your chromebook up with linux and enjoy the 10 second boot - it is open source ya’know.

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