Monday, October 31, 2011

Siri Hacked - Cheaper iPhone4s' Incoming

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably know about Apple’s newest iPhone - the iPhone4s. The name really hasn’t changed much besides the ‘s’ slapped on the end and to be honest the hardware isn’t a huge jump either. The 4s has a better camera (8MP up from 5MP), a slightly faster processor (dual-core), and a better battery (allthough recently the battery life has been significantly worse due to buggy software). So what makes the iPhone4s better? The ‘s’ is exactly what; Siri.

Siri is Apple’s new voice command software which is built into the 4s. It can do tons of cool things and save tons of time. But Siri is software, and that’s all. Therefor there isn’t any logic reason as to why Siri couldn’t run on older iPhones, except maybe due to a possible lag. Below I have a video from which shows Siri hacked to run on an old iPhone4 and working! 

When Siri first came out it was hacked to run on an iPhone4, but the servers that do Siri’s commands wouldn’t respond to the outdated iPhone. Assuming that this video is real, there is a lot of hope to iPhone4 users out there and could hopefully save a lot of money down the road. Now to just get the guy to release the programs he used and a walkthrough (although, I’m sure that he intends to and is working on it as afst as he can right now). Check back here in the future for when the walkthrough is released and hopefully you too will be able to get an iPhone4s at the cost of the regular iPhone4.

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