Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Google to Release Own Antivirus?

Google is leading innovation when it comes to the web and isn’t afraid to get involved in anything and everything they can be. With that said, a video was recently posted on Google’s Youtube page titled “How to protect your computer from malware” (below). For a company who recently launched an operating system based around it being virus-proof this seems quite interesting - makes me think that Google could be releasing the one thing they haven’t even mentioned yet, Google antivirus.

Think about it, Google has done everything so far, from maps to phones. Many ideas go untouched and get discontinued like GNotebook, or GHealth (I hope they bring back notebook, I never got a chance to use it). And now with Chrome expected to surpass Firefox soon in users I would bet that Google’s next big plan is to develop their own antivirus. Google has yet to even mention the idea, which seems to be common when it comes to Google app development (it’ll be announced when it’s released).

Hopefully if released, the antivirus will stick to Google’s morals - open and free.  And if so, Google will definitely give other popular antivirus’ like AVG or Norton a good run for their money - because if there’s a company that most people know and trust, it’s Google. Do you think Google is planning on releasing their own antivirus? Let me know in the comment box below or on Twitter and if Google does release anything be sure to check back here the day of for reviews and news about it.

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