Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Robot Nation - After My Own Heart

Not everyone has access to a 3D printer, and the people who do, rarely offer their services at reasonable prices. Now a company called My Robot Nation’ is offering custom 3D prints of custom made robot figurines! And the prices are reasonable too! The prices are as follow; $17.99 for a 2” model, $24.99 for a 3” model, and $169.99 for a 6” model (alright, the 6” model isn't a great price, but is understandable why).

My Robot Nation offers a free online CAD program where users get to choose predefined shapes and body parts to design their own custom robot. The amount of available parts is actually quite impressive and some of the already-built robots are even more impressive. Robots like the one pictured below were all made using My Robot Nation’s WebGL based program and can be viewed/rated under the ‘The Nation’ tab at the top of the screen.

The concept of My Robot Nation is really interesting, and the implementation is absolutely extraordinary. The program has run completely smooth for me so far and I have yet to make a robot which I’m not tempted to buy. The coloring options are in-depth and very responsive. Now to just pool up some money and get a RoboTechEd robot look-a-like (RTE’s background); the last part I need is a one to replicate the antennae in some way and the model will look very close. If you’re able to replicate it shoot me a pic on Twitter and feel free to post any of your creations below and make sure you also follow @MyRobotNation for all updates to the service!

Check out My Robot Nation's photo gallery HERE.

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