Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Updated Petman -World's Most Realistic Humanoid

Boston Dynamics just uploaded a new video on youtube of their newest revision of ‘Petman’ which is a robot used to replicate human movement for military testing. The newest revision of Petman broke Boston Dynamic’s history of making really creepy robots. Petman actually looks realistic and doesn’t give me goosebumps like their first versions of BigDog. Instead I am rather impressed with Petman’s capabilities - and looks too!

In the video (below) you can see Petman replicating human motions almost to the tee. Petman is seen running, doing push-ups, and walking exactly as a human would and to the upper right you can see what appears to be Petman doing jumping jacks (or some thing like that) from Boston Dynamic’s website. All of these movements make Petman the worlds most realistic humanoid - a title which you would expect to be given to an Asian company. With innovative robots like Petman, BigDog, and the in-dev ‘SquishBot’ I’m confident that we will be seeing a lot more from Boston Dynamics.

Petman is capable of running at similar speeds to humans, jumping, doing push-ups, and even sweating. All to make sure that soldiers are provided with the best gear possible. Research like this really makes the program look good, and (I hope) helps to increase Boston Dynamic’s funding. Be sure to check out their website HERE for more info, and let me know what you think about Petman in the comment section below or on Twitter.

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