Wednesday, December 14, 2011

EXOdesk - The First Desk You Have to Plug-In

Chances are we all have one, and chances are it doesn’t need to get plugged into the wall...yet. The desk is an ancient invention that we use today, often with some piece of technology on top. That’s what the EXOdesk aims to change, they took the simple everyday computing tasks you do and put them into your desk.

Using the EXOdesk you can check Facebook, surf the web, and even play angry birds all at the expected cost of $1299. This is thanks to the desk’s 10 point multi-touch display. The desk runs HTML5 apps natively - meaning any future HTML5 apps will be able to run on this handy device - Hello, My Robot Nation! The desk is also capable of being a virtual mouse and keyboard, meaning no more sticky keys or Dusty keyboards. The only issue i see here is the inevitable spilled soda (I don't think this would clean up very easily).

Check out the video below to see the desk in action. And be sure to follow RTE on Facebook and Twitter!

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