Friday, January 27, 2012

How-To: Fix Track-pad in Ubuntu on a Chromebook

If you followed my post on how to install Ubuntu on a Chromebook, then I’m sure you were less-than-impressed with the track-pad. It acts unresponsive at times, and the multi-touch just isn't there. Well, I recently decided to start using my Chromebook for some Android development (RTE App maybe?) and found that there was a driver to fix the track-pad in Ubuntu.

Courtesy of the CR-48 blog (which also shows how to install Ubuntu), you can install functional track-pad drivers. This includes multitouch, two finger scrolling, and  better responsiveness. All you need to do is download the DRIVERS and double click on .deb package. Then follow the on screen instructions agreeing to all of the terms of service. It will prompt you for the root password (which is user by default). Once done, restart your Chromebook and start programming!

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